How to use BioCloud

BioCloud is a cloud service built on the High Performance Computer (HPC) environment which developed by Core Genomic Facility (CGF) of BIG. It provides a flexible and convenient environment for users to store,manage,share own data and applications.Currently,BioCloud implemented pre-installed 36 frequently used software tools, 5 omics data analysis pipelines and 27 pre-formatted genomic sequences. When users access BioCloud for the first time they can either use the Test account freely or register an account. User can either use public BioCloud service to manager and analyze data freely or install locally by downloading the installation package.

1.Data Management4.Submit Task
  1.1 Cluster Dataspace5.Task Management
  1.2 Private Dataspace  5.1 Task List
  1.3 Public Dataspace  5.2 Delete Task List
  1.4 Shared With Me Dataspace  5.3 Running Task List
  1.5 Shared Data List  5.4 Paused Task List
  1.6 Imported Data List  5.5 Finished Task List
  1.7 Deleted Data List  5.6 Task Viewed By Project
2.Application Management6.Visualization
  2.1 Application List  6.1 Visualization List
  2.2 Create an application  6.2 Add a visual page
  2.3 Application share list
  2.4 Application publish list
3.Pipeline Management
  3.1 Pipeline List
  3.2 Create a pipeline
  3.3 Pipeline share list
  3.4 Pipeline publish list